Dice Legacy Out Now on Nintendo Switch and PC | Trailer

Roughlike survival city-builder, Dice Legacy is out now on Nintendo Switch and PC. Developed by DESTINYbit and Ravenscourt, Dice Legacy is a roguelike survival city-builder. Players use dice to establish a medieval town in a fascinating ringworld and grow their society.

Every action is based on the roll of a six-sided die, from planting and harvesting to establishing supply chains or combat. In Dice Legacy, the dice represent the work force. As a ruler, builder, conqueror, or trader, players will need to provide their dice with nourishment and care or witness their subjects eventually fade away. Balancing exploration, resource gathering, building, and conquering is key whilst the ever present threat of mysterious factions looms in the fog of war.

Dice Legacy is available now for $19.99.

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