Nintendo Switch Update 13.0.0 Just Killed the Need For a Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Those with a Nintendo Switch know that since its release, you have not been able to pair your own Bluetooth equipped headphones with it unless you had a Bluetooth audio adapter plugged in. Whether you had it plugged into the audio jack or the USB-C port, this was the only way you could use wireless headphones. Well, that’s not the case anymore with the latest 13.0.0 firmware update for both the regular Switch and Switch Lite.

The new update adds a new menu item to the System Settings called “Bluetooth Audio”. Just click on this and you can begin the pairing process for any set of Bluetooth headphones you own. There are some limitations however, mainly that you it does not support the Bluetooth microphone option and their may be latency issues depending on your device.

We were able to test this on a set of Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones and it works flawlessly! Basically this now means that we no longer need to carry around a Bluetooth audio dongle to use wireless headphones, no longer need to use wired headphones, and no longer a need use of special headphones that are made just for Nintendo Switch.

This will surely kill a lot of products that were made just for this.


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