Inctredibox Makes Creating Phat Beats So Easy and Fun | Review


Are you a music lover but wish you could make music? I know I am. I can admit that I’ve always had a curiosity about music. I can read notes, a played an instrument as a child, but I honestly don’t know the first thing about creating music. It’s a difficult thing to do unless of course, you download Incredibox by So Far So Good. Incredibox is an incredibly simple music-making app and tool that actually makes creating music fun and entertaining. It’s so easy that even those not blessed with an ounce of music creation in their genes can create a sick beat in a matter of minutes.

So what makes Incredibox so simple is the user interface and the visual representation of beats. You’re given a choice of eight different beat styles. Choose one and you’ll be taken to a studio with seven silent members awaiting their assignments. Beats are lined up on two rows below them and all you have to do is drag one of the beats to each of the members. When you do, they’ll start spitting out a beat on loop. All you have to do now is mix and match beats to create unique loops that you can jam to.

What is so interesting here is that each beat musician has their own style and design, as well as their own unique animations. That’s right, each beat is fully animated which makes Incredibox so entertaining. It’s like being in a live recording session with seven beatboxers and acapella artists.

You can even turn off a beat temporarily and turn it back on for some variety in your loops. When you’re happy with your creation, Incredibox also features a record function so you can keep all the unique beats you like.


On top of the beat creation, there’s also a gaming aspect to the app as well. Each theme has three puzzles to solve. These puzzles consist of trying to form the right beat groups to unlock an animated chorus. While not difficult at all, it’s a fun little addition.

Incredibox is not a free app. It’s roughly around $4-5 but is totally worth the price especially if you love music or if you have kids that love music. You can literally make an infinite number of different beats and there’s good variety in the eight styles they give you. Hopefully, there will be more styles added in the future.

Apple iTunes: Incredibox
Google Play: Incredibox
STEAM: Incredibox

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