Fenix PD35 V3.0 is an EDC that Will Never Leave You in the Dark | Review

Fenix PD35 V3.0

There are certain items I would consider everyday carry (EDC) items. For me, it’s my phone, my keys, my wallet, a pocket knife, and a flashlight. Some of these are pretty much a given, like the keys, wallet, and phone, but the knife is there because it does come in handy in the oft chance I need to cut something and the flashlight for visibility when visibility is an issue. Sure technically I could use my phone and the LED light on it, but that light is very basic and not very bright. You need something like the Fenix PD35 V3.0 flashlight which is not only compact but also ridiculously bright.

The Fenix PD35 V3.0 flashlight is labeled as a high-performance tactical flashlight. These are flashlights that are built tough and meet the rigorous demands of those who work in security, military, or law enforcement. That means that if it’s good enough for them, it’s more than good enough for you.

Fenix PD35 V3.0

Anyways, the Fenix PD35 V3.0 is one of Fenix’s most popular models. This is mainly due to its excellent construction, manageable compact size, and improved performance. The PD35 can blast away at a max output of 1700 lumens and a distance of 1,171 feet. That’s a lot more than what your phone could ever do and it means that you’ll never get stranded in the dark. While the PD35 can output at a maximum of 1700 lumens, there are actually five brightness levels you can set – Eco (5 lumens), Low (50 lumens), Med (150 lumens), High (600 lumens), and Turbo (1700 lumens).

I dare say that you may never even need 1700 lumens because it is super bright and not necessary for normal usage. It also conserves battery life if you don’t use Turbo all the time. I actually recommend either Low or Med for regular usage which will give you around 8-26 hours of use per charge. If for some reason you need Turbo, continuous use in Turbo will last around one hour. The PD35 also features a strobe mode.

Aside from the performance, the Fenix PD35 V3.0 is built to last. The body is made of A6061-T6 aircraft aluminum with a premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. The body is also sealed against the elements and is IP68 rated for waterproofing and dust proofing. The SFT40 LED has around a lifespan of 50,000 hours and comes with a 18650 rechargeable battery rated at 2600mAh. If you choose to, you can also replace that with 2xCR123A batteries instead.

Usage is extremely simple with an easy-to-reach and feel tactical tail switch. Press once to turn on, press again to turn off. You can also lightly tap the switch to temporarily turn it on and off. The side switch is used to change output strength. If you hold down this button, it’ll activate the strobe mode.

Fenix PD35 V3.0

I am extremely impressed with the performance. At its highest output, the Fenix PD35 V3.0 is extremely bright and is terrific for outdoor use. I myself wouldn’t use it at its extreme brightness because the front of the flashlight can get very hot in this setting. There is a warning etched into the top portion of the flashlight so it’s best to only use Turbo mode in short bursts. I will say that the PD35 V3.0 is the best flashlight I’ve ever used and I appreciate the ease of use, the brightness levels, and the overall build quality. Fenix definitely has a winner here and as a new addition to my EDC gear, it’s something I wouldn’t leave home without.

You can pick up your very own Fenix PD35 V3.0 EDC tactical flashlight here on their official website.

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