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Bonito Days

Developed by Studio Somewhere, Bonito Days is a chill, family-friendly game where you and some friends can take flight through lazy, summer-themed lands. Glide your way through 20 unique stages including the beaches of Temaki Sands and the glistening ice caps of Narwhal Station.

What exactly is Bonito Days gameplay like? It’s kind of hard to explain. It has elements from games such as Super Monkey Ball, NiGHTS, and even something like Pilotwings, and mashes them up into what we find here. The rolling mechanics come from Super Monkey Ball and the flying mechanics just remind you of the other two games. Everything is momentum based so not rolling fast enough is bad and you won’t be able to glide around forever.

Bonito Days

So for most of the game, you start off in ball mode and need to roll down some type of slope to gain momentum. Hit a jump and at the highest peak, tap the “A” button and go into flying mode. From here, you need to glide around the level and collect hearts (which are called sweets), going through hoops for score multipliers, and powerups. Be careful though because you can only glide for so long before your little flying fish character starts to get tired. You’ll need to land on a target quickly and hopefully, you can aim for a good score. Fail to land on a target and all your points will be lost.

After three rounds, your score is tallied up.

Bonito Days

Aside from the gameplay, Bonito Days has a very interesting look. It’s a very colorful game, filled mostly with calm, pastel colors. The level design sort of has that minimal polygon count look and zero outlines. The game itself looks really good to me though and the designs are interesting and varied. In terms of audio, the soundtrack for the game is amazing. If you want to take a listen, you can check it out here on Youtube. Japanese City-Pop is perfect for this game and I’d say it’s worth purchasing just to listen to the tunes.

Is Bonito Days fun? Yeah. The gameplay is pretty solid and it’s fun playing with some friends, but that’s only locally and not online. It’s fun exploring each stage and just figuring out new ways to get higher scores. Not to mention the fact that the music is just so good, you just want to find ways to glide longer so you can listen to more of it. So with that said, while Bonito Days might not exactly be a very deep game, but it sure is a beautiful game with a relaxing atmosphere and chill beats.

Bonito Days is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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