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Angry Alligator

Have you ever wanted to play as an alligator in the swamp? Well you can now with Angry Alligator, the latest from indie developer Lion Castle and GS2 Games. In Angry Alligator, you play the part of a small, hungry alligator whose only love in life is to eat and to eat anything that moves. Eat birds, frogs, crabs, birds, and more. Fight against big bad boss beasts and humans for the title of king of the swamp. The fate of the swamp and all in, lies on your scaled shoulders.

Angry Alligator

Angry Alligator plays very much like an open world game. The swap itself is fairly large with lots of areas to unlock. You move with the left stick while the right stick is to control the camera. The camera controls are a little weird though and while it does give you an option to invert the controls for it, it’s only the for X axis and not the Y. I kinda wish it would invert. Some of you may like it like that though and some may not.

Aside from that, it’s a pretty basic open world game. You can go pretty much anywhere, attach and eat pretty much any animal or human you come into contact with, and there are items that you can go and you just need to do what he says to advance in the story. As you play, you level up and also get larger the more you eat. To keep things interesting, you will have to level up to certain levels to enter certain areas as recommended.

In terms of graphics, Angry Alligator actually looks good. The environments are mostly bright and colorful and there’s a lot of detail that does give off that swampy vibe. It doesn’t quite have that “realistic” look though and the closest thing I could compare this too would probably be Fortnite. Basically the way everything is colored and modeled makes it all look a bit cartoon-like, but it works for a game like this because of how far-out the theme is. Considering that you’re an alligator that eats anything, even humans, the cartoony aspect makes it a bit more family friendly and less gory.

Angry Alligator

So is there anything not to like about Angry Alligator? My main issue with it is just the camera controls. I really wish I could invert both X and Y axis so it would make the camera work more like other 3rd person games. I also wish there was a way to push back the camera a bit because the way that it is is too close and can make it confusing to get your bearings or see what’s around you.

That’s my only real issue with the game. Other than that, Angry Alligator is an interesting take on the open world genre. It’s a nice change of pace from the norm and while you do end up eating all types of animals and even humans, it’s not a violent or gory game at all. It’s actually more in good fun than anything. So with that said, Angry Alligator is actually fun for the whole family and will provides hours of enjoyment if you’re a fan of open world games with a story.

Angry Alligator is available now on the Nintendo eShop. You can also pick up the physical edition here on Amazon.

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