The Last Friend – First 35 Minutes of Gameplay | PC Review

The Last Friend

Brought to you by Skystone Games and Stonebot Studio, The Last Friend is a mashup between an action brawler and tower defense. This game currently is only available on PC either on STEAM or Epic Games but should be hitting Nintendo Switch any moment now. Anyways, I decided to pick this up on PC so I could record some video from it and the fact that I just built a sweet new gaming PC.

In The Last Friend, you are tasked with driving back the violent horde of mutants and gangs that inhabit these apocalyptic lands. You do so with the help of your super-powered canine friends that you find and rescue along the way. Each dog friend has their own special ability and you’ll need to use them in order to beat back the horde and defend your RV. In case you’re wondering, the RV is the roving battle station that allows you to travel the wastelands.

We’ll start with the art because that’s always the first thing we look at when browsing games. The Last Friend looks really good. That art has that old-school “Samurai Jack / Powerpuff Girls” look and is very cartoony. It’s certainly very colorful and animated and the overall character designs are impressive. The way the dogs are drawn too are very cute and dog lovers will be pleased with the variety of different breeds presented. I just like the overall look in general and it really works for this game that sure, it’s an action game, but I don’t think it takes itself too seriously.

The Last Friend

Next up is the gameplay which again, The Last Friend does very well. As stated above, this game is a mashup between two different genres. You have to tower defense aspect of the game which plays very much like classic Plants vs Zombies, and then you have the brawling aspect of the game, which is pretty much like any brawler you’ve played in the past. The basic game is as follows: Your RV is parked on the left side and must be defended from enemies coming from the right side. The game is played on rows so you must set up your defenses on each row that is then further separated into columns. One “dog” defense can only occupy one square and each costs a certain number of scraps to build. Scraps are basically material that is needed to build and you collect these by defeating enemies, mining for them, or breaking down defenses to collect some scraps back.

Different dogs have different abilities and you can only equip a certain number of them to start each level. Choose wisely as some levels require certain dogs to be used. Upon completion of each level, you usually get to rescue a new dog with new abilities that you can use later. Also, some dogs are for defense while others can be used to strengthen your own character when they’re brawling. Remember, your dog defenses can only do so much and a lot of defeating will require you to get your hands dirty.

Bonus – Part 2

Aside from the gameplay, The Last Friend is just an overall cool game. Everything about it I’m enjoying. The art is fantastic, the story is unique and I love the use of all the cute doggies. When it comes to mashups, the use of tower defense and brawling seems to really work here and makes for a really unique experience. Usually, tower defense games can be a bit boring because you don’t really have much control of what happens once you set down your defense other than to rebuild. In the case of The Last Friend, you can be part of the action and take an active role in the defense, which makes this game much more engaging. So with that said, The Last Friend is a must-buy for those who love tower defense, but also want something different and unique.

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