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Published by Versus Evil and developed by indie developer UnEpic Fran, UnMetal is a 2D stealth action game that may look all too familiar to some. That’s because UnMetal looks a lot like old-school Metal Gear and that doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. UnMetal is basically a spoof of that classic series, making fun of various aspects of the game that are just plain ridiculous, to begin with, and inserting a story that is just as ridiculous. This is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously at all, yet the action is solid, the story is fun, and you’ll have an overall good time playing UnMetal.

The basic story is as follows: Your name is Jessie Fox and you were caught flying a Russian helicopter over the US. You’re shot down and immediately questioned by the authorities. The events that occur in the game are basically your recollection of how you ended up in a Russian helicopter and all the events leading up to it. In the past, you were captured and imprisoned in a clandestine military base for a crime you didn’t commit. Your mission is to escape the prison by any means necessary. Take out video cameras with grenades, knock out nosy predictable guards and subdue pursuing enemies with military-grade hardware when things inevitably go haywire.


Art and presentation have their obvious influences here. Much of it modeled after classic Metal Gear, though I will say that they did at least make it a bit more modern feeling. It’s still pixel art, but it looks really good here. Most of it is pretty dar though, but that’s understandable considering the theme of the game. Along with the art, the audio is pretty good as well. You get full voice-overs in this game and each character has its own voice actor. There’s also a rather nice soundtrack attached as well.

The gameplay here is quite solid as well. Again, very much like something you’d expect from a Metal Gear game, but kind of over the top. Basic movements include running, rolling, hiding behind walls, punching, and searching enemy bodies. Enemies have a sight cone so you can avoid detection by being outside that. Downing an enemy without being seen earns you experience points. If you are seen, you don’t get any points. Search enemies for valuable items, which can also be found by punching objects. Items found can be used or combined with other items to make better items. You do need to equip items however to use them. I should also mention that there are boss fights in the game as well.


Aside from all of that, the story is what’s really going to draw you into the game. It’s just so ridiculous what is going on. The way Jessie Fox is recounting his story is just too funny not to laugh while playing. This is just like those classic ’90s spoof movies you used to watch like Airplane, UHF, and Hot Shots! Part Deux, just to name a few. I honestly don’t want to spoil anything for you because again, it’s so ridiculous that you’ll probably love it.

So with that said, I really think UnMetal is a fantastic game. It’s a really great homage to Metal Gear but makes it so humorous that you can’t help but love it. Despite the humor, the gameplay is actually quite solid and even if this wasn’t a spoof, would still make one heck of an action game. UnMetal is a great way to relive the glory days of old-school action but in a really fun way.

UnMetal is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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