HEX Evolve Sling | Review

HEX Evolve Sling

HEX makes some really great gear for those on the go. They make everything from backpacks to duffles, and even camera bags. I’m pretty sure we’ve looked at a whole range of their products before and this time, we’re checking out their latest sling bag, the HEX Evolve Sling. Sling bags are quite popular these days and are also known as waist packs. Usually, because some of these are basically “fanny” packs that can be worn around your waist or lung around your shoulders. I personally like these because they’re usually lightweight, free up your pockets from “stuff”, and they’re a great way to carry everything you need securely around your body.

HEX Evolve Sling

The HEX Evolve Sling is their newest sling bag and is part of their new Evolve Collection, built to be more environmentally friendly for those concerned with the environment. The collection features the use of recycled ECO Cordura fabric combined with new anti-microbial technology which can resist and repel up to 99% of bacteria, mold, and fungus. Not only that, the material is very durable and repels water.

HEX Evolve Sling

In terms of design, the HEX Evolve Sling is a bit different from your average sling/waist pack. While most of these only usually feature just one or two compartments, the Evolve Sling has three zippered compartments, as well as another zippered pocket inside the main compartment and a Velcro secured inner pocket on the outer compartment. All these pockets mean there’s much more versatility here and more options for organizing all your stuff. I mean keys should never get stored with your phone because we all know how unfriendly keys can be to a smartphone screen.

Other notable features are the compression straps on the sides, which is something you normally don’t see in these types of bags. It’s a very nice addition and helps keep the Evolve Sling more compressed against your body when in use. There are also special zipper pulls with what look like vegan leather ends, genuine YKK zippers, and an adjustable strap with buckle.

Back to storage, the main compartment is quite spacious and is the one with the extra zippered pocket inside. I would use this for some larger items such as a wallet or your keys, accessories, or even a small camera. The zippered pocket is a nice place to maybe hide something too as it isn’t easily seen and kind of just blends in with the interior materials. The rear compartment is zippered and slim so you can use this to carry something flatter like if you’re traveling, your passport, or again, your wallet. The front zippered pocket is also slim, but longer so it’s ideal for your phone, especially larger ones.

HEX Evolve Sling

Overall, the HEX Evolve Sling is a full-featured package with a lightweight design. It only comes in one color, eco gray, though I haven’t had many issues matching it with my wardrobe. I think it’s a very stylish sling and one that is definitely made to be shown off. It’s also pretty affordable at $34.95 and I believe that if you want a small bag just to carry your essentials and things you use daily, this is the sling for you. I know for me, I much rather carry something like this now than to have to try and shove everything into my pockets or carry a bag that is much larger than what I need.

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