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Kingdom Two Crowns

Fans of Norse culture and mythology should check out the latest from Raw Fury and developer Stumpy Squid, Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands. This is the first premium DLC for the award-winning Kingdom Two Crowns game that originally came out in 2018, and is now on all major platforms as well as on mobile. The game is a side-scrolling micro strategy game where you must build and defend your kingdom. Since Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands is a DLC, much of the game places very similar to the base game, but played in the newest biome, Norse Lands, featuring six new playable islands. Unleash abilities drawn upon by Norse gods and build Viking-inspired armaments to push back the enemy Greed.

Starting out the game, you’re a King or Queen, without a kingdom. Your first introduction comes from the ghost of the former ruler who quickly teaches you the ways of the land. This portion is basically a quick tutorial to get you settled in with the basics. Upgrades and buildings require coins. You can find coins at the beginning either by picking up treasure chests or by having your citizens perform tasks. For instance, hunting can create coins as well as chopping down trees, building structures, and even sending this old man out who somehow brings back coins.

Kingdom Two Crows: Norse Lands

Anyways, back to the building aspect. You start with a small village, but can gradually expand outwards to form a town and then an even bigger kingdom. Building walls here will be very important in order to keep out the evil Greed creatures as well as arming your citizens so they can fight back. Building, however, will be your main goal and keeping your citizens safe. Also, your kingdom will require a constant influx of citizens, so any lone person you see on the road, toss them a coin and they’ll come to your kingdom to live.

Of course, you not only need to protect your citizens but also yourself. If you get killed by the Greed, you lose your crown and it’s game over. But, the next heir will take over and take over the work you’ve started. So in essence, you don’t lose your progress on the kingdom, just what you can do.

Kingdom Two Crows: Norse Lands

Aside from the gameplay, the pixel art in Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands is absolutely gorgeous. While obviously influenced by retro games, the visuals here go above and beyond what’s considered retro pixel art. The reflections you get from the pixel water are amazing as well as the environment itself and the changing weather and daylight cycle. This is probably one of the most beautiful pixel art games out there.

We should also talk about the amazing soundtrack by the Norwegian band, Kalandra. There are really no words to describe how insanely good it is. You’ll definitely want to play this game with headphones on in order to be completely immersed in it.

Kingdom Two Crows: Norse Lands

Is Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands worth a purchase? If you already have the original base game and you enjoyed it, then yeah. Why not? This DLC builds upon an already great game and adds several new features and quality of life improvements. If you’ve never played the series before like me, then I would still highly recommend it. It starts off fairly slow at the beginning, but if you put the time into it, you’ll really enjoy everything about the game, from the amazing visuals and audio to the well-thought-out game mechanics.

With that said, Is Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands gets two thumbs up from us and is well worth the pickup on any platform, not just PC.

Is Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands is available on STEAM, GOG, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and mobile.

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