Versus Evil Steam Autumn Sale – Up to 90% Off

Versus Evil

Versus Evil announced a huge host of discounts across its entire range of titles in the latest STEAM AUTUMN SALE. Gamers can take advantage of some killer savings across a wide variety of titles including 65%-80% off the critically acclaimed Viking RPG series of the Banner Saga, and 75% off the award winning RPG Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and 75% off each of its trio of DLC packs.

Big savings on other titles include the likes of Indigo Design Award winner Wintermoor Tactics Club with 60% off, folklore narrative driven Yaga which has a discount of 60% off, and the beautifully illustrated digital tabletop card game Faeria has 60% off, along with its variety of add on packs.

Gaming thrills can also be had with the brilliantly fun and critically acclaimed stealth em up’ title, UnMetal, which sneaks a 35% discount into proceedings.

Check out the Versus Evil page for even more discounts on STEAM.

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