10 Classics Coming to Nintendo Switch By Way of TAITO MILESTONES [UPDATE]


ININ Games and TAITO have partnered up to release a special collection of 10 classic TAITO titles from the ’80s as the TAITO MILESTONES collection. TAITO will be releasing this in Japan while ININ Games will have the pleasure here in the U.S. TAITO MILESTONES will be available for pre-order as Limited and Collector’s Edition at the Strictly Limited Games Partner Store starting November 25th, 2021, followed by the pre-order start of the boxed edition at the retail stores and the digital version soon after.

Replay the classics with which it all began! The games that paved the way for following decades of TAITO’s arcade dominance – the milestones in the company’s history. 

Sports, shooter, puzzle and platformer games and more – this collection’s got something for every retro game enthusiast and now those ten titles will be available for the first time as a collection on a modern console.

1981QIX Draw lines as the “Marker” and capture areas by encircling them. Watch out for enemies while moving around!
1982ALPINE SKIEnter the stage of the world of snow and take part in three competitions: Downhill ski, slalom and ski jump!
1982FRONT LINEPush forward to the enemy camp as a foot soldier! Drive tanks and armored vehicles!
1982WILD WESTERNDefeat the gangs attacking from all directions with your trusty rifle! You are the law!
1983Chack’n PopHang in there, Chack’n! Get back the hearts from the thieving Monsta.
1983ELEVATOR ACTIONInfiltrate a building as a spy on a solo mission, get all secret documents and make your escape!
1985The FairyLand StoryAs the witch Ptolemy, you have to defeat the monsters deep inside the castle!
1986HALLEY’S COMETHalley’s comet is headed for the planets of our solar system. Destroy the computer at its center!
1987THE NINJAWARRIORSAdvance into enemy territory as an android ninja to crush the evil Banglar’s ambitions!

…nine groundbreaking classics from TAITO’s arcade vault. But of course, one game is missing to complete the collection. Stay tuned for the 10th TAITO MILESTONES game – soon to be revealed!

UPDATE: The 10th game is SPACE SEEKER (1981)!

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