7 most interesting free Steam games for Mac to download right away


Apple has struggled with gaming, and even though the company is trying to improve Macs to offer players a seamless gaming experience, it is in its nascent stage. When it comes to gaming, Windows have always been the first choice of gamers. But does that mean Mac users should give up trying to play good games on their system?

While the macOS App Store may disappoint you with its collection of games, you can turn to Steam. In terms of gaming content delivery, Steam is one of the biggest success stories of the modern day. Steam was launched in 2003 in Windows, and it arrived on Mac in 2010. Ever since its release, its user base has grown to more than 150 million registered accounts. Thanks to Steam, casual and dedicated gamers on Mac have the opportunity to play myriad games. But, if you are ever faced with a situation where Steam not working on Mac, it can be a problem. If that happens, you can troubleshoot the Steam application by going to the Activity Monitor on your Mac, finding Steam in the list of processes, selecting the app, and clicking Stop. Then, you have to relaunch the app. You can even try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it.

To play Steam games on your Mac, you have to make certain changes by going to the System Preferences > selecting Security & Privacy > choosing General and allowing your Mac to install, open, and play Steam games. You need to set Allow Apps Download from to Anywhere.

Steam has an awesome collection of paid games for Mac, but if you are looking for free games, here’s a list specifically compiled for you. Take a look below.

  1. There is No Game

There is No Game is a clever game that wants to convince gamers it’s a terrible game. The game has a quirky voice commentary that makes it so much fun, and the collection of games include Guess the word, Brick breaker, Rescue the cat, Find the goat, and so on. Download the game for free, and you can stay hooked for hours.

  1. Floating Point

Floating Point is a casual game where players are floating-point in space. The game’s objective is to move around the space while avoiding obstacles generated as the game progresses. The physics engine simulates buoyancy and gravity realistically, and it nails tangential forces to give gamers a precise feel of the game. It would help if you played around grabbing onto the hooks so you can move around and collect points.

  1. Mitoza

Mitoza is an adventure game where players start as a tiny seed, presented with two choices. The seed’s life is affected by every choice you make, and you’ll end up with the same seed at the end of the game. The cycle will repeat itself, but you can change the game’s fate by changing your choices.

  1. BirdGut

If you like puzzle games, you’ll lose BirdGut. The game has an awesome premise that makes it very interesting. In the game, a bee is eaten by a bird, and the bee gets shoved down the bird’s guts. Deep inside lies all the different critters the bird has eaten, and they’re all brainwashed and enslaved. The bee goes on an adventure to destroy the insides of the bird and free the critters.

The characters and levels of the game are all hand-drawn, and it’ll keep you on your toes. The puzzle game is great to keep you engaged.

  1. What Never Was

What Never Was is a story-driven game where the objective is to solve interesting puzzles in the attic of your grandfather. As you solve puzzles, you unfurl buried mysteries. The game is a fusion between modern stimulators and point-and-click games. When you solve puzzles, the game progresses in the style of H.P Lovecraft and Indiana Jones.

  1. Team Fortress 2

The game of Team Fortress 2 is a successful and entertaining online shooter game. The game has an incredibly high fanbase who swear by the engaging mechanics of the game and the long list of characters. Players can customize their avatar and jump into the various online game modes, including Control Point, Capture the Flag, Arena, Payload, King of the hill, etc.

  1. Samsara Room

Samsara Room is a puzzle game where players have to escape the room. The game’s objective is to find a way out, and the hand-drawn artifacts impress the gamers. There’s smooth interaction with the objects, and players often find themselves engrossed in solving the levels.

So, there’s no need to sulk because there are not enough games on the macOS App Store. Turn to Steam and have an incredible gaming experience.


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