Train Life: A Railway Simulator – Tutorial Gameplay and Impressions | PC Review

Train Life: A Railway Simulator is a game that’s not going to be for everyone. In fact, I guarantee that only a small number of you would be interested in it. However, those that are, will find that it is a fairly accurate representation of how operating a train would be like in real life, without the real-life hazards. Published by NACON and developed by Simteact, Train Life: A Railway Simulator is still an Early Access game, though a very fleshed out one at that. The game puts you as the head of your very own railway company, where operating a train isn’t your own concern. You must also develop your own business and manage it to become successful by hiring employees, collecting contracts, and maintaining your fleet of trains.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator

Before jumping into the main game, you’re going to have to go through quite a lengthy tutorial in order to get your bearings in the game. Because I’m trying this out on PC, I had to get used to playing with a keyboard and mouse layout, which coming from console gaming can be a bit jarring. It does make sense though seeing as there are so many little buttons and shortcuts that are assigned to certain keys, you just need to learn what they each do and you’ll be able to quickly operate a train without the need to use your mouse to click everything on screen.

It is also possible to play with a controller, which might be easier for some users who are just used to one.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator

After you learn the controls, you’ll then be learning to actually play the game. The meat of the game seems to be in taking contracts in order to make money for your company. You’ll be engaged in jobs such as transporting goods from one city to the next, transporting passengers, and more. However, like with any real-life sim, it’s not all about speed. In fact, This sim is more about following the rules and getting your cargo to where it needs to go safely than quickly.

It’s the realism that you’ll either love or hate with Train Life: A Railway Simulator. Operating these trains isn’t just pushing a button and waiting until you get to your destination. There is so much involved and so much to learn that you’ll really need to invest time into it. In the end, though, I think it’s a pretty neat experience and gives you a bit of insight into just how difficult operation a train is and maintaining your own business as well.

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