MSI GK30 Gaming Keyboard and MSI GM11 Gaming Mouse Combo (White) is a Budget-Friendly Gaming Pickup | Review

MSI GM30 and GK11 Combo

MSI is fairly well known for that gaming parts, PCs, and laptops. What you might not know is that they also make gaming peripherals such as keyboards, mice, headsets, and controllers. That means in essence, you could be running an entirely all MSI gaming setup if you wanted to. However, what we’re interested in right now is their MSI GK30 Gaming Keyboard and their MSI GM11 Gaming Mouse that comes in a special white-colored combo that’s only available in this package. Also known as the Vigor keyboard and the Clutch mouse, MSI was gracious enough to send the combo over for review.

MSI GM30 and GK11 Combo


The MSI GK30 actually doesn’t look that special at first. In fact, from afar it just looks like one of those old office keyboards you might have gotten for free with your workstation. It’s off-white, sort of grey-looking, and is a full-sized keyboard design. It isn’t until closer inspection that you notice some subtle details that make this a really attractive, low-key keyboard.

The entire keyboard is RGB backlit, with a strip of RGB light at the bottom right corner. RGB is controlled with the MSI Dragon Center software where you can customize the lighting to your heart’s desire. I should also point out that the GK30 has some really unique font on the keycaps, kind of a modern futuristic font.

In terms of performance, MSI states they use mechanical-like plunger switches for a crisp typing experience.  Crisp yes, crisper than your standard keyboard, but not quite mechanical.  The keys have good depth when pressed but there is noticeable dampening once you reach the bottom of the keypress.  The shape of the keys is comfortable, as they are curved so keypresses are more positive which is great for regular typing as well as gaming. 

MSI GM30 and GK11 Combo

The one drawback of mechanical keyboards is usually the noise they make.  The loud clicks give great positive feedback when in use, but can be noisy and distracting for anyone else who happens to be around.  These mechanical-like keys offer somewhat of a compromise between full-mechanical, and standard keys.  They are much quieter, giving a more dampened click rather than a loud metallic click you usually get with mechanical keys.  If you happen to live in a small space where office/gaming might be in the same room, this keyboard will save you from being the noisy person in the room, but instead, make you the considerate roommate for not interrupting video meetings with furious key presses heard in the background. 

Functionally the keyboard has everything you might need for work and gaming – A full number pad, media controls, etc.  A wide stable base makes the keyboard basically unmovable so even intense Warzone sessions will not budge it.  Volume control requires holding the Dragon key while pressing the volume buttons, which isn’t the best (I prefer a scroll wheel or dedicated buttons) but for the price, I am willing to compromise. 

Overall the keyboard is very good when you consider what you are getting.

MSI GM30 and GK11 Combo


The MSI GM11 Gaming Mouse looks a bit more like it was built for gaming at first glance, especially with the huge dragon logo right on the top. It features the same white/gray color scheme in a symmetrical shape, although the side buttons are only on the left side of the mouse. In the center, there is a dual-textured scroll wheel that has great traction, and in use, gives good feedback with noticeable clicks as you are scrolling through pages, or swapping to your secondary in your favorite FPS game.

MSI GM30 and GK11 Combo

Below the scroll wheel is a 5-level DPI adjustment button that can be used on the fly to change DPI from 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 5000.  I’m not sure how practical it is for playing games but for things such as graphic design, it might be useful for detailed editing.  The two main buttons click very positively, and the side button are easy to use with my thumb (left-handed folks will have to figure out how to use them).  Personally, I prefer a mouse with a little more palm support, but given the shape and features, it would be good for those with smaller hands, or palms.  The overall layout of the buttons on the mouse is quite ergonomic.

Just like the keyboard, the mouse features adjustable RGB lighting and can be synced together with your keyboard through the MSI Dragon Center software.  Upon turning on your PC, the dragon on the mouse changes colors as if it is waking up from a long slumber, and then syncs up to the rest of your peripherals.  Once synced, the two peripherals present a very attractive bundle.  If you have a white PC tower, this would definitely bring your setup together nicely. 

MSI GM30 and GK11 Combo


The MSI GK30 Gaming Keyboard and GM11 Gaming Mouse Bundle is a win in my opinion.  It does a lot of things well, with very few cons.  The main thing to get used to would be the keyboard keys and their mechanical-like feel. If you’re coming from a mechanical keyboard, they can feel a little squishy. If you’re coming from a membrane-based office keyboard, then you’ll love these. Once you’re used to it, however, it feels great.  As of now, you can purchase the MSI keyboard/mouse bundle for $69.99 which is amazing value.  Whether you’re gaming or getting through work in your living room, it’ll serve you well in both departments without breaking the bank.

The MSI GK30 Gaming Keyboard and GM11 Gaming Mouse Combo can be currently purchased officially from MSI’s website here or at their official retailers.

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