Donut County is a Game About a Raccoon and His Holes | PC Review

Donut County

Created and developed by indie developer Ben Esposito, Donut County is a physics-based adventure game about a raccoon and his remote-controlled hole. As the story goes, you play as BK, a trash stealing raccoon who seems to be playing a game on his mobile phone where he’s delivering so-called donuts to members of the community. Unbeknownst to them, they’re actually getting holes that swallow them up into the ground. Of course, the townfolks, later on, want answers as to why their entire town is now swallowed up in a giant underground hole.

Donut County isn’t a difficult game at all. In fact, it’s more of a relaxing experience than anything and most of the play is used to progress the story further along. The story is a big element of the game so you’ll have to sit through quite a bit of dialog between each level. The story seems interesting enough though so I didn’t mind reading it all.

Gameplay has you controlling a hole that swallows up garbage and anything else that will fit. With each piece of litter and debris that does in, the hole gradually becomes bigger and bigger until it’s able to swallow up larger objects and even people and giant boulders. What I like though is that it isn’t just the mindless swallowing of objects. There are also some puzzle elements involved that you’ll need to think about in order to swallow up everything on screen to complete the levels. This might involve either swallowing some objects first to cause some kind of reaction or trying to make the hole bigger in some way.

Donut County

While the gameplay is fairly fun, the other aspect of the game that I really like is the art style. I love the use of all the solid bright colors and use of polygons. There’s a simplicity in the art with the lack of fine detail, but it all makes the game look really good and stylistic.

What I am a little disappointed in is the lack of Xbox Live integration though on the PC version. The game is fully playable and super fun, but you can not unlock any of the achievements in the game even though they’re listed on there. So that’s my one ding for the game.

Aside from that, Donut County is a great experience. The art is great, the story is interesting, and the gameplay is fairly unique. Donut County isn’t a very long game though and can be finished in a few hours, but I think it’s worth a playthrough just to experience it.

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