Art of Rally is a Beautiful, Zen-like Rally Racing Game | Review

Art of Rally

Art of Rally is a different kind of rally racing game. While the spirit of rally racing is expertly represented, it’s the way in which the racing takes place that makes it different than most. Developed by Funselektor Labs, Art of Rally is presented in a top-down view, whereas most games in this genre sit you right behind the wheel. Another aspect that makes Art of Rally so intriguing is the art style, which takes center stage here and really helps highlight how different the game is from others.

I love rally racing. I’ve played games in the WRC series, DiRT series, and even way back when Microsoft had RalliSport Challenge. These games are generally more realistic and simulation-based and are for hardcore fans of the sport. They can be very intimidating for those who have never rally raced before which is why they normally only appeal to a small niche of racing fans. However, Art of Rally is presented in a more inviting way, as a top-down racer. This, combined with the art, gives Art of Rally a different feel that doesn’t seem quite as stressful or intimidating, but still offers up an authentic rally racing experience.

Art of Rally

The art is honestly what grabbed my attention first about the game. It’s got a slightly simplistic look, mostly because of the color pallet and how bright and colorful everything looks. There really aren’t any “textures” and instead everything is just built from solid colors and shading. The environment actually looks really good as do all the car models, and it’s amazing to me just how different a racing game looks from up top as opposed to right behind a vehicle or in the cockpit.

Art of Rally

Gameplay-wise, Art of Rally certainly does have that rally feel, though the learning curve is a bit high when it comes to driving these cars. Driving is a tiny bit more difficult at such an altitude and the cars themselves seem to slide a whole lot more. Not only that, the throttle response is really sensitive in this game so you’ll want to not go flat out all the time. It’ll take some time to get a real good feel for how the cars handle in this game, but it’s worth the effort as Art of Rally is actually pretty good despite the difficulties at first of driving your vehicle.

Aside from the gameplay, there’s actually quite a bit to do in Art of Rally. Different modes of play include – Career, Time Attack, Custom Rally, Online Events, and Free Roam. You can also unlock a good amount of cars, as well as livery to customize their look. There also seems to be a way to download custom livery online.

Art of Rally

So with that said, if you’re looking for a different kind of rally racing experience, you should check out Art of Rally. You’ll be impressed with the gorgeous art style and challenged by its driving mechanics. All the while, you’ll get a pretty good rally racing experience that feels almost Zen-like when you’re in the zone.

Art of Rally is available now on various platforms and free to those who are subscribed to Game Pass.

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