Train Life: A Railway Simulator Sees it’s Second Update in Early Access | Trailer

Nacon today announced the second full update for Train Life: A Railway Simulator. Developer Simteract is continuing to add new content for the game that allows players to live the life of a train driver and manage their own rail company.

With this new update, Train Life now serves parts of Eastern Europe. You can now travel across the German border and around the Czech Republic and Poland to explore new environments.

A new electric locomotive also makes its debut: the Lechner-Koch DP2500. Several scenarios have been added, which provide unique challenges for train drivers and managers.

The Service Center has been updated to provide greater clarity on purchasing and customizing locomotives. The various elements to this part of the gameplay – appearance, available upgrades, performance comparisons, parts compatibility, and more – will all delight the most detail-orientated fans.

Finally, there have also been various fixes added to improve the game’s stability, smoothness and realism.

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