Land of Screens Shows that Social Media isn’t Needed to be Happy | Review

Land of Screens

Land of Screens is a story-driven, point-and-click game brought to you by Serenity Forge and Way Down Deep. In Land of Screen, you play Holland, who has recently broken up with her boyfriend of over five years. While a breakup can be emotional on its own, social media anxiety is getting to her as she worries about what others will think of her. To take her mind off things, she goes to a party of a friend she hasn’t talked to in a long while, and from there, her journey begins as she relearns how to live her life without the hassles of social media or the need to be glued to a phone screen.

Land of Screens is story-driven, so much of the game, you’re basically along for the ride. This is usually the case with most point-and-click adventures where you’re mostly only in control of where Holland goes, who she speaks to and some basic exploration. It’s actually a pretty simple game and while there are some story-based puzzles, they aren’t difficult at all. The story is the main focus here and you’re only here to nudge it along. It’s a good thing then that the story is actually pretty good and really gets you thinking about just how much time we waste staring at our screens.

Land of Screens

Presentation-wise, the art is really good. I really like how stylized everything is and that they didn’t try to go for a hyper-realistic look. I like how colorful everything is and how animated and interesting all the character designs are. It’s very inviting, very casual. Along with the visuals, the audio is also quite good, for the most part. The music score is really nice, but the audio effects for when characters are talking can be a little annoying. Having real voice actors would have been nice because there is a lot of text to read through here.

Land of Screens

Aside from that though, Land of Screens is pretty much near perfect. It’s a really great story and one that I think a lot of people can relate to. While not so much a game as it is an interactive story, Land of Screens has a message that everyone should hear. Basically, social media can be a blessing and a curse. Learn to live in the real world and don’t just live in the virtual. So with that said, I’d say check out Land of Screens if you’re looking for something story-driven with a great message. The art is great, the story is interactive, and you’ll most likely learn something about yourself or at least see a bit of yourself in the main character.

Disclaimer: Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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