Never Alone Arctic Edition is Coming to Nintendo Switch on February 24 | Trailer

Never Alone, the BAFTA-award-winning title is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 24, 2022. Developed by E-Line Media in conjunction with the Iñupiat, Never alone is an atmospheric puzzle platform game where you take on the role of a young Iñupiaq girl and an arctic fox.

Combining traditional stories, settings, and characters that have been handed down over generations by the Iñupiaq people whose roots and heritage date back millennia, the game features imagery and themes drawn directly from Iñupiaq and other Alaska Native cultures, contains striking visuals that emphasize the sensibilities and perspective of these indigenous Arctic peoples, and allows players to work cooperatively to succeed in challenging and harsh environments.

Never Alone Arctic Collection includes the base game and the Foxtales DLC.

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