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Model Builder

Model Builder is a simulation game by Moonlit S.A., Kuba Wójcik, and Green Man Gaming Publishing. Model Builder brings the joys of model building to the virtual world. Build all types of kits, whether it be vehicles or figures, you’re able to fully assemble, paint, and decorate your models with a wide variety of tools and paints. You won’t need tons of cash to drop on these kits nor will you need space to store these either. Don’t you love the virtual world?

There are two modes of play, which is usually the case with these simulation games. You can play a full-on career mode where you can build kits, enter contests, and even get paid to work on commissioned builds. Basically, you’ll make money doing something you love while learning stuff about your Grandfather who left you his legacy and love.

The career mode will take you through a tutorial which will really help first-time players as there are a lot of little intricacies that go with building virtual models. What I do find neat is that with the tools, you can set them for instance to either do things automatically for you or if you feel more advanced, do them manually.

Like other simulation games, there’s something relaxing about Model Builder. The game makes this almost a stress-free activity where you don’t have to worry about messy glue, cutting your fingers, or having to clean up afterward. For the most part, though, the act of building is fairly accurate even though you complete a build in a fraction of the time a real model kit would take to build. Literally, a kit that would normally take you an hour would take you about 10-12 minutes here.

Model Builder

I guess that’s the appeal of these simulation games too is that you can do something you love, in a fraction of the time. The game also looks pretty realistic too with model kits that look like you could literally pull them from your computer screen and display them on a real-life shelf.

Overall, Model Builder is a pretty good simulation. I’ve always been a fan of model building, but haven’t done it in a while due to issues like time, money, and space. With Model Builder, I don’t need to worry about any of that and I can easily build model kits from the comfort of my bedroom.

Model Builder is available now on Steam.

Disclaimer: Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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