Quest for Infamy Coming March 4, 2022, for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch | Trailer

Ratalaika Games and Infamous Quests announced that their upcoming retro-styled RPG, Quest for Infamy, will be released for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022. Quest For Infamy is an homage to some of the great ad iconic releases of the mid and early 90s where the focus was on the story, variety, gameplay, in-depth adventure, wit, serious RPG elements, and interaction, along with many surprises –  all combined within a great storyline and neatly encased with a simple point and click interface. It may look old-fashioned or retro-focused to some, but Quest for Infamy presents an experience not to be missed with many laughs and sarcasm along the way in the fulfilling jaunt/adventure. Topped with plenty of mystery, intrigue, action, fighting enemies, boss battles, and discovering hidden secrets, the wise-cracking lead character marks the experience as a title to check out!


  • Fully hand painted backgrounds and hand animated figures.
  • Over 200 locations to explore 
  • Three different paths through the game with different classes to choose from.
  • An intuitive combat and magic system.
  • Plenty of secrets to find on your exploration of the Valley of Krasna.
  • Plus lots more……………

Quest For Infamy for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch is set for March 4th 2022 priced $9.99.

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