WaterField CitySlicker is Probably the Best Looking Case for Your New Steam Deck

CitySlicker Steam Deck

WaterField Designs makes some of the best portable console pouches on the market. I say this because I’ve been using their CitySlicker case for years now, first on my PS Vita and now on my Nintendo Switch Lite. What I love about them is their grown-up looks, premium materials, and overall great protection they offer. You can pick one up for the new Steam Deck as WaterField is now making them for Steam’s latest portable wonder.

The CitySlicker Case for Steam Deck is designed to carry your Steam Deck basic setup: 

  • USB-C cable
  • SD cards
  • five microSD slots
  • Earbuds
  • HDMI cable

Like the other CitySlicker cases before it, it uses real leather, ballistic nylon or waxed canvas, and everything is made here in the USA. You can pick up the City Slicker here on WaterField’s official website.


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