FAR: Changing Tides is a Lonely Game, But I Don’t Mind | PC Review

FAR: Changing Tides

FAR: Changing Tides, the latest from Frontier Foundry and developers Okomotive, is a different take on the post-apocalyptic adventure game. You play as Toe, a lone boy and survivor, who has nowhere really to go until he finds himself an abandoned ship. Commandeering the ship for himself, Toe decides to set out into the unknown and explore the drowned world both above and below the waves.

FAR: Changing Tides is an exploration game that’s mainly “three-directional”. Meaning most of the game consists of only going forward, up, and down. You don’t really go backward in the game even though you technically could, but this is a game about moving forward. Plus there’s no real reason to go backward anyways. A lot of the gameplay consists of swimming underwater, sailing your boat, and then exploring the top side (platform style).

Swimming is just swimming but you can boost your speed with this special swim gear you get fairly early in the game. Underwater is where you’ll find some random packages and materials you need to fuel your ship as well as some puzzle elements that require you to go underwater.

FAR: Changing Tides

Boating is how you’ll spend most of your time however and there are a few different ways you can do this based on how far along you get in the game. The ship starts off like a sail boat in which you’ll need to control the sails and adjust them to catch the wind for optimal speed. Soon after you’ll discover a means of powering the ship and turning it into a powered rowboat. This requires that you feed the engine fuel and keep the fires going by pumping air into it. You’ll have to make sure that the engine has plenty to burn which is why you need to be on the lookout for materials all the time. Soon after this, you discover that you can make your boat into a submarine and begin to explore the depths of the ocean as well.

Other than that, there are puzzle elements in the game as you’ll always come to places where your way is blocked and you need to discover a way to get through. The puzzles aren’t that difficult to figure out and for the most part. they’re pretty easy. It’s all part of the relaxing nature of the game where it’s not really that stressful and you kind of just marvel at the world around you.

FAR: Changing Tide

There are portions of the game that are very uneventful, though this does portray just how lonely you can feel when you’re by yourself and traveling a sea of destruction. You’ll find that there are times when you’re just cruising along on your boat with nothing really to do other than to maintain your ship, organize your supplies, and attempt to keep your boat chugging along. It’s pretty realistic if you think about it.

Aside from that, FAR: Changing Tide is a beautiful game. The way the water looks is so good and the world around you looks like it should after an apocalypse of this nature. There’s a peacefulness in all the destruction, but you also hope that Toe somehow finds what he’s looking for. Overall, I’d say that FAR: Changing Tide is a very good game even though the pacing is slower, there aren’t any enemies to interact with, and it’s overall a very lonely game. But, it is very good and a nice change of pace from the norm.

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