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Tronsmart Bang

Most portable speakers are made for personal audio and while they can make for decent music sharing speakers, they usually aren’t quite powerful enough for outdoor party use. Usually, that honor goes to much larger portable speakers built especially for outdoor use that feature larger speakers and more power and that’s exactly what we have here with the new Tronsmart Bang Outdoor Party Speaker. The Tronsmart Bang is a large format powerhouse that’s loud enough to wake up the neighbors.

Tronsmart Bang


You know a speaker is made for taking outdoors when it has a handle on it. The Tronsmart Bang is huge and the handle makes it so much easier to transport. It’s similar in design to another very popular outdoor speaker that I won’t name here (rhymes with “BL”) but has built-in LED mood lighting and light-show feature to enhance any party.

The Tronsmart Bang basically looks like a very large tube speaker with a large handle attached to the side and rubber feet at the bottom. There are control buttons along the top of the speaker and on the back-side, we find a rubber door that hides the charging port, AUX, TF Card slot, and USB-A port. The USB-A port is used if you want to charge your phone up since the Tronsmart Bang can also function as a very large powerbank. Don’t worry too much about sucking the batteries dry as it is a very large 10800mAh unit that is good enough to power the speaker for up to 15 hours on a single charge.

I probably would not use the AUX jack though as the Bluetooth 5.0 on the speaker is good enough and the last thing you really want to do is be tethered to a gigantic speaker while everyone else is out dancing around and having fun.

Tronsmart Bang

Since this is built for the outdoors, the Tronsmart Bang does feature IPX6 rating for waterproofing so it’ll handle the normal beach and pool environments. This is also why I suggest using Bluetooth instead of an AUX cable, this way you don’t have to open up the rubber door on the back and expose the ports to anything potentially damaging.

Spec-wise, there’s a lot to love about the Tronsmart Bang. The speaker features 60W of power for dual tweeters, dual subwoofers, and dual passive radiators. It has a frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz and utilizes A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP and SPC. This speaker can get very, very loud and transmits the sound all around, not just in one direction. There are EQ presets you can use, but you’ll need to download the Tronsmart app in order to select those. Otherwise, you can just choose the SoundPulse option from the button on the speaker, which is Tronsmarts own tuning setup.

Lastly, the Tronsmart Bang features patented TuneConn technology, which you probably will never use unless you have multiple Tronsmart speakers or someone else has one. Basically, all this does is allow you to link up multiple Tronsmart speakers (up to 100+) for the ultimate party.

Tronsmart Bang


There’s a lot to like about the Tronsmart Bang. This definitely is a loud speaker that’s perfect for outdoor use. For pool use, you’ll have no issues hearing your music from any end of the pool and at the beach, you’ll know that all your friends will be able to enjoy your tunes too. I love that no matter what genre you play on this, you won’t get hardly any distortion no matter how loud. The highs are nice and crisp while the bass on this deep with a decent amount of thump. You’ll have to turn it up fairly loud though to get that bass to drop.

The LED lights are one of the few areas that could use improvement. It’s not the best implementation I’ve seen. You can only choose a handful of colors and you are limited to either a static color, a light show mode that constantly changes colors, or none at all. Another is that this thing could use a shoulder strap. While it’s easy to carry, it would be even easier with a shoulder strap, especially if you have to carry other things in your hands, like a cooler or a bag or your phone.

Tronsmart Bang


If you’re looking for a great outdoor party speaker, the Tronsmart is a very good choice. It’s large with audio that matches its size. What you’ll really like though is the price. This only costs $109, which is a fraction of what others charge. Most cost 2x, 3x, and even 4x more than this. You’ll be able to get the same kind of performance out of the Tronsmart Bang for less money. That’s a huge plus in my book. Not only that, the Tronsmart Bang actually looks pretty good. It’s got a modern design with LEDs and it has a pretty solid build.

The Tronsmart Bang is available to purchase for $109.99 from the Tronsmart website with Amazon availability in April.

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