Royal Frontier Coming to Consoles and PC on March 18, 2022 | Trailer

Published by Ratalaika Games and developed by Woblyware, Royal Frontier is an epic roguelite style, turn-based, strategic adventure encompassing many exciting experiences and challenges giving it a broader appeal than many other similar games of this genre.

Settlers are ready to head East, across the perilous continent, through hardships and dangers, in hopes for a better life in the faraway land. A group of heroes is tasked to guide the caravan safely through the dangerous continent. Not all succeed. The main goal of the game is to choose the right paths, make the right decisions while making the most of the resources you have available, and guide the settlers safely through the continent. The game also gives players smaller challenges they can try to complete on each run.


  • Unlock characters and power ups for your next trip
  • Use the gold to buy weapons and equipment
  • Take decisions that can help or hurt your party
  • Turn-based and time-based combat
  • Choose your road wisely

Royal Frontier has a wide variety of items, spells, heroes and monsters to keep each run interesting. The paths and events the player experiences are randomly chosen for each run, so every time you play the game, it should be a new experience. Combinations of different heroes will require the player to try new tactics and finding the right combination of heroes can be critical for survival.

Royal Frontier will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Steam PC and Nintendo Switch is set for  March 18th 2022.


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