Astral Ascent Out Now on Steam Early Access | Trailer

Pixel platformer rogue-lite, Astral Ascent, is available now on Steam Early Access. Developed by French indie studio, Hibernian Workshop, the Early Access version of Astral Ascent will feature two playable characters. five Zodiac bosses to fight, and two worlds to explore.

The studio plans to keep working on the game until next year, with major updates scheduled for the coming months. These will focus on new worlds to explore, additional enemies, extra playable characters for a total roster of five, 12 Zodiacs to fight, and much more.  After the full launch, Hibernian Workshop plans to support the game with DLC. 

Astral Ascent features you should not miss

  • A vast and beautiful hand-crafted pixel art modern fantasy world to explore. 
  • Play together with a friend with local co-op or online using the Steam’s Remote Play Together. 
  • Nier singer Emi Evans and composer Dale North are currently producing the game’s final boss music.  
  • Four playable characters at full launch, with a fifth additional character as DLC on a later date.
  • Unlock dozens of unique spells and gambits that can be improved by using modifications that will create infinite possibilities to match your own gameplay style and create multiple ways to confront the enemies. 
  • 12 fierce warriors, the Zodiacs, to fight against in strategic battles. 
  • Additional challenges as well as new ways to explore and fight in future battles with added elements such as Zodiac summons
  • A full cast of professional voiceover artists lined up to bring the characters to life. 

Astral Ascent is now available for PC on Steam Early Access for $24.99.


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