Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition | Review

Flat Kingdom Paper's cut Edition

What was previously released on Steam for PC several years ago, Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition is now available on most major consoles. Flat Kingdom takes place in a 2D land where all its inhabitants are flat. Not unlike the TV show, South Park, the game is presented in a style that could be described as paper cut-outs set in a diorama. In the game, you play as a brave knight, Flat, who has the power to transform himself into different shapes in order to overcome different obstacles and enemies.

The story so far … A long time ago, the Flat Kingdom was threatened by the wicked Third dimension. Just when all hope was lost, a wise sorcerer appeared and created six magical jewels, keeping the dimensions stable and restoring the peace. But one day,  the masked thief Hex kidnapped the princess, also taking one of the jewels with him. That caused the 3D chaos to come back, putting the Kingdom in serious danger again.

Flat Kingdom plays like an action platformer with lots of combat. What’s cool about the game and what makes it unique is the character’s ability to change shapes. If you change to the circular shape, you’re able to double jump and reach higher areas. If you change to the triangle shape, you’re able to move around the level more swiftly. If you turn into a square, you become very heavy and can deflect or stomp most enemies. There are puzzle elements in the game that require the use of multiple shapes in quick succession like if you want to stomp a floor button, you need to double-jump as a circle first and then switch to a square at the height of your jump. You would do the same to stomp on enemies.

Flat Kingdom Paper's cut Edition

The gameplay is actually very solid and I really like the transformation skill as it makes you have to think a bit more with your actions. There are tons of environmental puzzles and the boss battles are pretty well thought out. The game isn’t very hard, especially if you’re good at platformers. There are also lots of hidden items around you’ll want to try to find if you’re a completionist.

In terms of audio, the game’s music is composed by legendary composer, Manami Matsumae (Mega Man, Shovel Knight). It’s actually quite good and does make Flat Kingdom a memorable experience.

So with that said, Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition is a pretty good action platformer. It’s a solid game that is reminiscent of traditional platformers like Mario, but adds its own unique features to keep it fresh. I really enjoy the art style and the music which adds to its charm. This is an all-around great package that I believe platformer fans should enjoy and on the Nintendo Switch version, you’ll be able to take it on the go.

Disclaimer: Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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