Cotton Fantasy is Another Wonderful Addition to the Series | Nintendo Switch Review

Cotton Fantasy

There have been quite a few Cotton games released on the Nintendo Switch already and most of them have been either ports or remasters. However, the latest installment of the game, Cotton Fantasy, is a completely new game in the Cotton series that sees our heroes Cotton and Silk back in action together as they search for clues as to why all the willows are vanishing from Fairyland. Cotton will be joined by six other iconic, playable characters and all in stunning HD.

Cotton Fantasy by ININ Games is a new installment which means it has been built from the ground up. That’s most evident in the art because everything looks so much more modern. The graphics are now super crisp, include full 3D backgrounds and character models, and everything is super colorful. You’ll also enjoy the fully animated cutscenes and fully voiced Japanese dialog which really adds to the fun and cute nature of the game. There’s also the remastered soundtrack taken from some of Cotton’s past games.

Cotton Fantasy

Aside from the presentation, the gameplay has also been beefed up, though still familiar to fans of the series. Everything seems tighter, more fluid, faster, and more hectic with tons of things going on at the same time. The challenge of the original games is still there as well as all the crazy powerups you can accumulate. I also really like the varied gameplay elements as it’s not entirely all just side-scrolling. The game also moves vertically as well as inwards. These days, there aren’t really that many side-scrollers anymore so it’s refreshing to see a brand new one and one that is from such a legendary series.

Another gameplay addition I mentioned above is the other playable characters you can choose from. What’s neat here is that they aren’t just reskins of Cotton. These playable characters all have their own play mechanics and attacks so your gameplay will be varied based on who you choose.

Cotton Fantasy

So is Cotton Fantasy worth a buy? I’d say yes it is. If you’re a fan of the Cotton series, you’ll really enjoy this, even though the story is pretty similar to previous games. The action is definitely all there, as well as the fun. Side-scrolling fans will also really enjoy this game as it takes all the classic elements of what makes side-scrollers so fun and modernizes it. Cotton Fantasy is a solid addition to the series and a solid addition to your library.

Cotton Fantasy is available now on the Nintendo eShop (digital) and Amazon (physical).

Disclaimer: Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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