Dandy and Randy DX Nintendo Switch Review

Dandy and Randy DX

Dandy and Randy DX is an action-adventure puzzler by Ratalaika Games and Asterstic Game Studio. The game takes inspiration from the past, hence why the art has that retro feel and the game is played mainly in a top-down view, not unlike past games such as Legend of Zelda and Metal Gear. Dandy and Randy DX can be played solo or with a friend with the build-in co-op mode.

In the game, Dandy and Randy are archaeologists who owe a ton of money and need a way of paying off their collectors. Just when they think all hope is lost, they stumble upon a promotional flyer promising riches on a faraway island. Dandy Duck and Randy Rabbit decide to check it out in hopes of finally hitting it big. That’s pretty much all we’ll say about the story because like with any game that actually has a story, it’s best when the story unfolds while you’re playing.

Dandy and Randy DX look very similar to classic games like Zelda. The top-down play style is reminiscent of many old-school RPGs and even the graphics have that retro look. There is no 3D art here and everything seems to be sprite-based. The game is very colorful but mostly uses a lot of solid colors. If you’re a fan of retro art styles, Dandy and Randy DX will surely please.

In terms of gameplay, there are also many old-school homages here. Combat mostly consists of you picking up things and throwing them at enemies. Along the way, you will also unlock useful equipment, though you do start out with a shovel. You’ll be able to unlock a hammer, boomerang, a hookshot, and more. These are used to help traverse the environment and are useful for puzzle solving.

There are other items and upgrades you can purchase from various venders located around the world, but you’ll need money to purchase them and they can be quite expensive at times. Just remember to keep collecting coins as you play.

DAandy and Randy DX

Speaking of which, there are a lot of puzzles in the game that involve pushing items into specific spots. These can be a little tedious mainly because you can only push items and can’t pull them. That means that if you mess up somewhere, you’ll need to start over by leaving that area and coming back. The puzzles aren’t that hard though so it’s not a big deal.

Of course, there are also boss fights, and these also consist of pretty simple gameplay elements. Mostly just picking up things again and throwing them at the boss while also trying to evade their attack patterns.

Overall, Dandy and Randy DX is a solid entry in the retro gaming genre. This game really is like a time capsule to the past with classic gameplay, classic art, and lots of humor baked in. It’s a fun little homage to days when gaming was more about fun and laughs and really checks off all the nostalgic bullet points.

You can pick up Dandy and Randy DX right now on the Nintendo eShop.

Disclaimer: Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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