Matchpoint – Tennis Championships Review

MAtchpoint - Tennis Championships

Matchpoint – Tennis Championships is a modern take on the classic game of tennis. Developed by Taurus Games, Matchpoint – Tennis Championships is a virtual representation of true-to-life on-court tennis experiences featuring a deep career mode and rivalry system. Basically, if you want a real simulation of the game of tennis, this is the game for you.

Let’s start things off with the look and feel of Matchpoint – Tennis Championships. The game looks surprisingly good and realistic with realistic character models and physics. All the movements look top-notch and really fluid. What tennis fans may love is the fact that there are 16 real-life international tennis stars you can play as or against, including Nick Kyrgios, Kei Nishikori and Amanda Anisimova.

There are four different local player modes in Matchpoint – Tennis Championships. You have Career, Quick Match, Practice, and Training. There is a tutorial mode which you’ll probably just play once in order to learn all the moves. PC players have the option of using the keyboard to play, but I prefer a controller since using the keyboard is a little awkward. If you are playing locally, you can play either solo or with a friend. You just need another controller.

Speaking of which, controls are super easy to pick up. The four right buttons represent different types of shots and serves and you use the left stick to move your player around the court as well using it to aim where you hit the ball. It’s very intuitive and keeps the action pretty fluid. My only complaint is that the aiming of the ball can be a bit too twitchy, but practice will make it easier. Check out the video above for the tutorial gameplay.

MAtchpoint - Tennis Championships

If you’re playing solo, you’ll most likely play the Career mode which is quite deep. You start off with character creation, which is pretty limited and includes a few customization options. You can change gender, face, skin color, hair, outfit, and color. Faces are pre-rendered and you can’t change them on a more detailed level. You can also name your character and the country that they play for. You aren’t limited to just one career and can manage up to six different characters.

The Career mode basically has you playing different tournaments, trying to rank up. You also earn XP, unlock clothing items, new rackets, etc. Basically, it’s your standard career mode that keeps you coming back for more.

You can also play online against others, whether it be strangers or with an online buddy. Online matches consist of either Ranked Matches or Casual Matches.

MAtchpoint - Tennis Championships

For the most part, Matchpoint – Tennis Championships is one of the best-looking and most realistic game of tennis that’s coming out soon. I should mention that this was a pre-release version of the game we’ve been playing that will be officially released on July 7, 2022. Matchpoint – Tennis Championships will be available for Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo switch.

Disclaimer: Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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