Turbo Golf Racing Set for an August 4 Release on PC and Xbox

Turbo Golf Racing, the vehicular golf game you never knew you needed, will be heading to PC and Xbox consoles on August 4, 2022. Developer Hugecalf Studios and publisher Secret Mode announced the release date during this year’s Future Games Show – Summer Showcase, along with news that the cross-platform ‘Beta 2’ experience is now live on Steam, the Microsoft Store and Xbox platforms. The new Beta will continue through Steam Next Fest up until 10.00 PDT / 18.00 BST / 19.00 CEST on 20 June.

To take part in the Beta, either head to the Steam page and select the Turbo Golf Racing Demo for download, or register for the preview via the Xbox Insider app on your Xbox console or the Microsoft Store.

Beta players can secure up to three exclusive items in the final game. These items and their unlock conditions are:

  • Beta Avatar – Unlock by reaching level 2 in the Beta 2 season
  • Beta Wheels – Unlock by reaching level 7 in the Beta 2 season
  • Beta Spoiler – Unlock by reaching level 11 in the Beta 2 season

The Turbo Golf Racing Beta 2 contains:

  • 12 playable courses, including new levels such as Twisted Gardens, Uphill Battle, Hyper Flight Corner and Mountain Hideout
  • Online, cross-platform matchmaking supporting up to eight players per match
  • Single-player time trials
  • Dedicated 15-level Beta progression season
  • Community designed cosmetic items
  • Increased party size from first Beta
  • Multiple improvements over the first Beta including improved respawn mechanics, missile behaviour changes, car handling tweaks, Shot Of The Match balancing adjustments and improved visuals

Hugecalf Studios is planning to release regular free updates throughout the Turbo Golf Racing Early Access and Xbox Game Preview programs, introducing new cosmetic items, new Power Cores and even additional courses. Turbo Golf Racing will also receive regular balancing and performance adjustments as well as overall improvements based upon player feedback.


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