Project Timi: Sasha’s Curse Coming Next Year to PC And Nintendo Switch | Trailer

Project Timi: Sasha’s Curse is a rhythmic, puzzle-packed, action game mashup by developer Ephermeral Cube. The game will launch next year for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. A free demo is available now as part of Steam Next Fest.

Players must rely on the rhythm of each unique level to fight scary creatures, place traps, solve puzzles, and uncover all of the town’s secrets. Groove to the music to grow Timi’s abilities, defeat challenging bosses, and free Lucity Town from Sasha’s Nightmare Curse!

Key Features:

  • Rhythmic Beatdowns: Move to the rhythm to fight scary creatures, place traps, complete minigames, solve puzzles, and uncover all of Lucity Town’s secrets
  • Genre Mashup: Action, puzzles, and rhythm unite! Walk, run, swim, and slide across nightmare realms, solve mysteries, and use the power of music to rescue children from despair
  • Mischievous Monsters: Discover and fight a diverse array of nightmare creatures
  • Magical Abilities: Timi can learn to use Thunder Zaps, Magic Bubbles, Potion Explosions, and more as she makes her way across Lucity Town
  • Collectibles Galore: Collect diamonds, secret books, treasures, and golden puzzle pieces hidden in each level

Project Timi: Sasha’s Curse will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam next year.


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