80 Days & Overboard Get the Boxed Edition Treatment for Nintendo Switch

80 Days & Overboard

ININ Games and inkle have teamed up to publish two captivating narrative adventures into one physical package, in the form of 80 Days & Overboard!. Both games are award-winning titles, with 80 Days being a Jules Verne inspired reimagining and Overboard! being a reverse whodunnit where you’re the murderer trying to escape off a cruise ship.

ININ Games is happy to honor these beloved next-generation interactive adventures with a well-deserved boxed edition for Nintendo Switch – soon available for pre-order at selected retailers.

80 Days


  • Visit over 170 bespoke cities on your journey around the world.
  • Discover creative ways to travel – by train, airship, moving city, ice-walker, hydrofoils and much more…
  • Lose yourself in a richly imagined, diverse alternative-history steampunk world created by award-winning writers Meg Jayanth and Jon Ingold.
  • Experience a unique journey with thousands of choices for endless possibilities.
  • Enjoy striking Art Deco-styled visuals by Jaume Illustration.
  • 80 Days is not the end – can you do it in less?



  • NPCs have their own agendas, and remember everything they see and hear.
  • Choose every line and every action. Go where you want, when you want.
  • Some characters are friendly, and some are out to get you. Who will you befriend? And who will you betray?
  • You only have eight hours to escape justice, and the clock is always ticking.
  • Play once for a thrill, or multiple times to uncover all the secrets and achieve the ideal ending.

As big fans of interactive adventures, ININ Games created special editions for 80 Days & Overboard! (Nintendo Switch) in limited quantities to further appreciate these unique games. Collectors can look forward to a Limited Edition (€29,99, limited to 2.000 copies) and a Special Limited Edition containing exclusive collectibles (€49,99, limited to 999 copies). Pre-orders are now available via our friends at Strictly Limited Games – only while stock lasts.


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