Indie Adventure, Headland, is Coming to PC on July 26


Northplay today announced that their fast-paced action-adventure game, Headland, is finally coming to STEAM on July 26, 2022. A powerful force has destroyed the Imagination Core inside Nor’s Headland, stealing away the color and inspiration from his world. Now he must journey into the lush fantasy of his imagination to fight monsters and gather the scattered fragments of his creativity.

As you explore the grassy meadows, deep caves and dark castles of Headland’s dreamlike world, you will encounter a host of monsters to be defeated using Nor’s trusty sword and quick reflexes in an adventure full of varied challenges for you to overcome on your path to unlocking the full power of Nor’s imagination.  

To help you succeed on your quest, you’ll want to collect as many resources as you can while exploring. New weapons can be unlocked in arenas and then upgraded using the resources you’ve gathered, giving you the power to define your own playstyle as part of a satisfying loop of resource gathering, upgrading, and equipping new tools to try out. 

Headland delivers all this in a vivid and magical world brought to life through its engaging story and a delightful cast of new robot friends that you can meet during your journey. Together with Nor and his robot buddies, help uncover the mysteries behind the dark force in order to rebuild the Imagination Core and save Headland!

Headland will launch on steam on July 26th and cost $9.99 with a 10% launch discount.


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