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Cursed to Golf

Good golf games are so hard to find. I don’t mean simulations where the golf is hyper-realistic, but instead, I mean golf games that are fun. The last sort of fun golf game I played recently was Mario Golf Super Rush, but that game had its issues and wasn’t quite as good as I thought it would be. While fun, I found it to be quite short and didn’t have the replay value I wanted. That brings me to Cursed to Golf, which is an entirely different breed of golf game that mixes the challenges of golf with a roguelite aspect. This makes the game super different and interesting not to mention the fact that it’s a 2D golf game played like a platforming dungeon crawler.

Cursed to Golf

You play as a would-be golf champion on his way to winning the biggest tournament of his life when all of a sudden, tragedy strikes on the final 18th hole. Electrocuted by a bolt of lightning, you’re sent to Golf Purgatory where you are cursed to play 18 holes of golf over and over again unless you can complete four rounds of 18-hole golf perfectly. Because this is a roguelite, completing a hole with anything other than par or better means you get sent straight back to the first hole.

Cursed to Golf plays from a non-standard 2D perspective from the side, much like a platformer. It’s actually not difficult to play this way and all you need to control is the power and angle of your shot and which clubs you’re going to use. You can also control backspin and forward spin once you hit your shot which can help immensely on the more difficult shots. You only get three clubs to choose from, driver, wedge, and iron, so there’s no putting here. While gameplay may sound easy enough, Cursed to Golf is anything but. It’s a very challenging game due to the multi-level courses and brutal rules. Not only that, there are lots of course hazards to contend with like sand traps, TNT blocks, and more.

Cursed to Golf

Completing 18 holes with a par or better is no easy task. Regular golf is already hard enough but the added weight of not going over par, it makes the game a lot more difficult. However, there is help in the form of idols you can hit that add on extra hits for you as well as special ACE cards that can do everything from giving you extra shots to rewarding you with a mulligan. You get some free cards at the beginning but you’ll need to purchase more from the golf shop if you use them up.

You’ll also notice there is a bit of strategy involved in Cursed for Golf. You’ll want to scan the entire course before you start, this way you can plan the route you want to take to the hole. Some courses have multiple holes so choose whichever may be easier to get to. Also, take note of where the idols are as well. You’ll want to do this for each round and course because each time you play, they change. This is what makes Cursed for Golf challenging as well because you can’t just learn each course because the layouts change each time you play.

Cursed to Golf

While Cursed to Golf may be difficult, it certainly stands out and might just be one of the best golf games of the year. In fact, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a golf game. It’s fun, different, has a great premise, and the golfing itself is pretty good. The mechanics are pretty solid and the addition of the ACE cards and dungeon-like courses make for a very memorable golf game. With that said, definitely pick up Cursed to Golf if you’re a golf fan and in search of something that isn’t just another simulation. You won’t be disappointed.

Cursed to Golf is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

Disclaimer: Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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