PowerA Nano Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S Review – For Those With Smaller Hands

PowerA Nano Enhanced Wired Controller

PowerA is one of the top-tier 3rd-party accessory makers for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. One of their most popular products is the Enhanced Wired Controllers. These controllers are usually very comparable to those of the stock ones but they’re wired. However, they do have some extra features that the stock controllers don’t have and one of them is the programmable buttons on the back of them. On the enhanced controllers, you get two programmable rear buttons that you can map to any function on the controller. I’ll get into that a bit more a bit later. What I’m looking at today is the PowerA Nano Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox, which if you can tell from the name, is just a smaller version of the regular controller.

Despite its smaller size, it’s not short on features as it has the same exact features as its larger siblings. It still features programmable buttons, all the buttons in the correct places, and it even has dual rumble motors. Like the other enhanced controllers, it also has a detachable 10ft USB-C braided cable.

PowerA Nano Enhanced Wired Controller

When you compare it to the normal-sized controllers, almost everything about it has been shrunken down. The triggers, the d-pad, the buttons, and even the body have all been shrunk. The only things that haven’t been reduced are the joysticks and the 3.5mm audio jack. PowerA made this controller for players who have smaller hands and find the normal controllers too large. It’s also much lighter than the average controller.

From testing, everything functions just as it should. As for the buttons on the back, they are super simple to program. All you need to do is hold down the Program button on the back until the light on the front starts flashing. Click the button you want to be mapped, and then tap the button on the back you want to map this too. That’s it. The buttons will stay programmed indefinitely, even after you unplug the controller. Of course, you can always change them on the fly too depending on the game you’re playing.

PowerA Nano Enhanced Wired Controller

Aside from that, this is a full-featured controller that happens to be smaller. Who would want a smaller controller? Basically gamers with small hands and little kids. For me, the Nano Enhanced Wired Controller is a bit too small and isn’t quite as comfortable to use as a full-sized controller. However, my daughter found that the controller was perfect and loved the smaller size because the regular controllers are too large for her to reach all the buttons comfortably. With the PowerA Nano Enhanced Wired Controller, she’s able to utilize every button and trigger with zero issues.

So with that said, the PowerA Nano Enhanced Wired Controller is actually a very good alternative to the stock Xbox Series X|S controllers. Even though they’re wired, they function exactly the same and have the extra programmable buttons on the back which are a big plus in my book. While the sizing isn’t for everyone, those that do find the Nano Enhanced Wired Controller comfortable will absolutely love it.


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