Dome Keeper Review – A Survival Game With a Mining Twist

Dome Keeper

Survival games are plentiful these days, though every now and then, one pops up that really catches your eye. Raw Fury’s Dome Keeper is just such a game and one that keeps you coming back for more. Dome Keeper is a survival game in an alien world where you are holed up in a dome and must dig for resources to stay alive. You must fend off hordes of enemies while gathering materials to upgrade and keep the aliens from destroying your dome.

The premise of Dome Keeper is pretty simple, but that doesn’t mean you’ll just breeze through the game. You start off with a fairly defenseless dome save for one weapon on it. All seems quiet but after a few moments pass, an enemy will come and attack your dome. If left defenseless, your dome will quickly fall, so you’ll need to mine materials and use the upgrade console to purchase upgrades such as stronger dome shields, more powerful weapons, and more. The upgrade console isn’t just used for upgrading the dome either. You can also use it to upgrade gadgets you find as well as your personal equipment like the drill and rocket pack.

The main gameplay element in Dome Keeper is drilling for upgrade material. You’ll need to head to the bottom of your dome and just drill underground. You can drill on both the X and Y axis and the rock you’re drilling into will determine how long it takes to drill. Some rock is harder and will take multiple hits to drill through it while some rock is softer. Like I said above, you can upgrade your drill which will make drilling through harder rock much easier. You’ll also need to upgrade your rocket pack to be able to carry more weight otherwise too much weight can slow you down or make you unable to move.

Dome Keeper

Upgrading is a main part of the game. For the most part, your gameplay will look like this. Dig for materials and collect materials and take them back to your dome. If you have enough materials, upgrade. If not, go back underground and dig some more. Watch for when enemies come because if you’re not in your dome to defend, they will destroy it, and it’s game over. Basically, you’ll be going up and down multiple times whether it’s to dig for materials, deposit your materials, or defend your base.

What’ I do like is that when you die, you can choose one of your current gadgets to take with you into the next game, if you have any of course. This at least allows you to start with an upgrade instead of with nothing.

On the presentation side of things, the art style is really good. It has based on the pixel art style and looks fairly retro. There isn’t really much to look at when you’re underground, but the above-ground world looks really good and paints a beautiful alien landscape. The audio is also really good and can at times sound really creepy and conveys how scary being in an alien world alone can be.

Dome Keeper

So is Dome Keeper any good? I’d have to say that it is a pretty fun game that has decent replay value. It’s never quite the same each time you play it and game length all depends on how lucky you are with the materials you can find. I also like how challenging the game can be and how the difficulty ramps up gradually as you progress through each wave of enemies. That means that it starts off slow for beginners and depending on how much you can learn and grow as you play, it’ll get really challenging and harder to stay alive. That’s all I really want in a game. Something that’s fun, challenging, and keeps me coming back for more.

Disclaimer: Received game from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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