Dell MS700 Twist and Go Travel Mouse Review

Dell MS700

There are a lot of choices and form factors out there when it comes to a travel mouse. Some include mini versions of larger mice, flat mice, and even styluses that act as a mouse. Usually deciding on one comes down to personal preference, but Dell has a transforming mouse that feels like a full-size mouse but can transform flat for easier storage and transport. The Dell MS700 Twist & Go Travel Mouse fills the roll of the travel mouse perfectly.

Dell MS700

Upon first glance of the Dell MS700 Travel Mouse, you’d be excused if you thought this was a Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse because they do look very similar. They both have this flat-arched design that mimics the feel of a regular mouse, but that’s where the similarities end. The Dell MS700 does things a bit differently with its mechanical bits and manages to distinguish itself from the Microsoft unit.

As part of the name implies, the Twist & Go aspect of the Dell MS700 is the fact that you twist it to transform it. The lower portion of the mouse twists so you would twist it 180 degrees when you want to use it and then 180 degrees back in the other direction to stow it. Doing so will also turn the mouse on and off, which is much more interesting than just s a standard on/off switch.

Dell MS700

The Dell MS700 mouse is powered by 2xAAA batteries and should last quite a while if you remember to turn it off when not in use. It’s estimated to last about 24 months between battery swaps. The mouse can also be used with three different devices via Bluetooth 5.0 with a simple button press on the back that lets you choose which device you want to use it with. The optical LED sensor is rated at 4000 adjustable DPI which is perfect for anyone who needs both precision and speed.

In terms of buttons, the Dell MS700 mouse has both the left and right click buttons but does away with the scroll wheel in favor of a capacitive touch strip. Lastly, the mouse itself only weighs 56.9 grams so it’s very light and doesn’t add that much more weight when thrown in your bag.

Dell MS700

The Dell MS700 is comfortable to use when in the on position and just feels like a regular mouse. I like that you don’t have to deal with charging it and can just swap batteries when needed. I also like the fact that you can pair three devices to this and that automatically shuts off when you twist the base to the stow position. When stowed, the mouse is fairly flat and much easier to put away. The only issue I foresee might be the longevity and strength of the turning mechanism as time goes on. This is something you usually worry about when it comes to moving parts so we’ll see how this lasts over time.

Other than that, the Dell MS700 Travel Mouse is a pretty nice one that I’ll probably start using as my travel mouse with my laptop.

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