Dome Keeper Sees Free Update and New Character | Trailer

Raw Fury and bippinbits’ hit rogue-lite, Dome Keeper, gets its first major update on STEAM. Dome Keeper is a survival mining game that has seen huge success with over 250K players. The new update, titled The Assessor, lets players go even further with a new keeper character, opening up even more ways to mine for resources, upgrade their dome’s defenses, and discover secrets and treasures below!

The Assessor investigates newly discovered planets and extracts the first batches of their riches. As technologists, they prefer their state-of-the-art equipment to the mechanical tools of the engineer. Like all keepers, they focus on the overarching company goals, but can get carried away… especially when new discoveries and novelties strike.

Dome Keeper’s latest playable character, the Assessor’s suit uses an advanced field generator to create a disruption sphere for mining and an attraction sphere for collecting materials. The Assessor can also fire a bouncing orb which slowly disintegrates any rock it hits. Once launched, the orb can be volleyed multiple times to further influence its speed and direction.


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