Alienware AW920H Tri-Mode Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Alienware AW920H

Alienware isn’t new to the gaming headset space, but they aren’t exactly the most popular options out there that gamers run to. There’s still competition in this area that’s mostly dominated by names like SteelSeries, Corsair, Turtle Beach, and Astro Gaming to name a few. Alienware is looking to change that with the introduction of the Alienware AW920H, a tri-mode wireless gaming headset featuring active noise canceling, A.I. noise-canceling microphones, tri-mode connection, and up to 55 hours of usage between charges.

Alienware AW920H


The Alienware AW920H has a rather interesting design, to say the least. Mainly the earcups draw a lot of attention due to their unusual design. They take much of their design cue from the Alienware Aurora line of gaming desktops which look like they have huge inlets coming from the front. They are in fact not air intakes but just design elements that help hide the USB-C charging and data port along with the mic port. I’ve had several colleagues of mine mention how cool they look but also some have stated that they look like giant Apple Earpods.

Other notable design elements include buttons and toggles on both lower parts of the earcups and the slick-looking Alienware logos on the outside which can be lit up with RBGs. In order to control those RGBs however, you’ll need to use Alienware Control Center, but I didn’t do that because I’m not installing an app just to control some flashy RGBs. Instead, all they do for now is just cycle through all the available colors on their own, and I’m fine with that. Behind those signature, earcups sit some super comfortable, leatherette memory foam earpads. They sit comfortably around your ears and also help passively block out noise.

The headband on the Alienware AW920H is also really well designed with a large memory foam padding up top, also leatherette, and solid metal hardware for the size adjusters and earcup holders. The headband also has some good tension to them as they help keep the headset in place so you won’t have to worry about them falling off your head. What I also find interesting is that nowhere on the headset does it say Alienware. All you get are the highly recognizable Alien heads and that’s it. It keeps the headset looking super clean, which is a big plus.

Alienware AW920H


There’s a lot to like about the Alienware AW920H. Lots of features are included that would be considered top tier when searing for a really good gaming headset. It has Dolby Atmos Virtual Surround Sound built-in, 40-mm Hi-Res certified drivers, Active Noise Canceling, an AI noise-canceling microphone, tri-mode connectivity (Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, and USB-C wireless dongle), and up to 55 hours of usage between charges.

Alienware AW920H


So I’ve been using the Alienware AW920H for a solid week now and not only with just games. I’ve also been using them at my day job for Zoom calls, watching videos and webinars, and taking online calls with customers. With these mundane tasks, the AW920H has been absolutely amazing. If they sound so good for those types of things, they must sound even better for gaming, right?

You’d be correct because these things sound really good. Using these on the new Modern Warfare 2 gives you a competitive advantage for sure. You’re able to hear everything that goes on around you, including where footsteps are coming from, which means fewer enemies sneaking up on you. These also really help with immersion as it really does sound like you’re in the thick of everything when you play.

Lastly, comfort when selecting a gaming headset goes a long way and the Alienware AW920H is super comfy. They feel just as good 3 or 4 hours into usage as they do the first minute you put them on. The ANC is also pretty good and really do a great job of blocking out most of the outside noise. I should also mention that the touch controls on these is pretty decent with most operations consisting of a few taps or swipes. I do find myself accidentally tapping on them though, but luckily a single tap doesn’t really do anything.

Alienware AW920H


For the price, the Alienware AW920H is pretty good and worth the cost. It comes with a long list of terrific features and the fact that you have three different ways of connecting to your devices is a huge plus. The inclusion of USB-C is also a plus and I like that you have the ability to quickly charge these temporarily if you run out of power while in use. 15 minutes of charge will get you 6 hours of life, which is very good. Portability isn’t terrible either, but you can’t really fold these. You can twist them flat though and at least they come with a really nice microfiber pouch that holds all the extra cables and dongle.

So with that said, Alienware did a pretty good job with the AW920H. They have a unique look to them and they are certainly eye-catching enough to strike up a conversation. Overall they sound really good and I think are pretty competitive with the top-tier brands.


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