Zens Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger Review

Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger

There are a lot of third-party Apple accessories out there and many of those are chargers. However, not all of them look that great nor do they match the aesthetics of the Apple products they’re for. I can’t say that about the Zens Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger because this thing looks absolutely gorgeous. This looks like something Apple would have come out with, especially with the use of premium materials, a minimalistic design, and the ability to wirelessly charge three devices at once.


The look of the Zens Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger is what caught my eye upon first seeing it. It’s a sleek-looking aluminium-bodied wireless charger with a rubber mat on top. The top of the mat allows for two device charging, which for Apple owners, usually means their iPhone and their AirPods, which you can easily do here. The right side accommodates the iPhone while the right side is better suited for the AirPods.

The third accessory you can charge wirelessly is the Apple Watch, which has its own dedicated charging stand. it sticks out from the left side and is high enough that the Apple Watch looks like it’s suspended in the air. The wireless charging dock here is magnetic so you don’t have to worry about your Apple Watch sliding off of it when in use.

Overall, a great-looking design, that for the most part, follows Apple’s rule of design. There is one area that I’m not a fan of however and that’s the plug for the charging cable. It’s one of those circular ports that accommodate the supplied power adaptor. I would have preferred something like a USB-C port instead which would have been more universal, but they probably have their reasons for using this instead.

Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger


Setting up the Zens Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger is as simple as plugging in the power adaptor and finding a place for it. The most obvious place would be your nightstand or possibly your work desk. No matter where you put it though, it’ll look good just sitting there.

I’m a big fan of wireless chargers because of how easy it is to charge your devices by throwing them on top of them. I hate searching for cables and I don’t like having random cables just laying around places. Wireless charges help clean up what would otherwise be a tangled mess of wires. With the Zens Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger, you can basically get rid of three separate charges with just one unit.

The wireless charger can also support any phone that is Qi compatible, though there isn’t really a point getting this if you aren’t all in on Apple products.

I really like the look of the Zens Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger. It’s really thin, really clean looking, and doesn’t take up that much space. Don’t worry about the dark color because it also comes in White for those that want something lighter to match other colored iPhones and accessories.

Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger


If you’re looking for a really good-looking wireless charger for all your Apple devices, Zens has you covered with the Zens Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger. I love the quality materials it employs and that for Apple owners, you can charge all your devices at once, and we all know most of you have an iPhone, AirPods, and an Apple Watch. The Zens unit will look great on anyone’s nightstand or desk and you’ll wonder why you never had a wireless charger before.

So with that said, if you’re looking for a stylish wireless charger for all your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch, you certainly can’t go wrong with the Zens Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger.


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