Flash Party: Stardust Warriors Update Available Now on Steam and Google Play

Flash Party, a platform fighting game is officially available now with a massive update to kick things off. Titled Stardust Warriors, the update improves the core gameplay, has new playable heroes, has a new battle royale mode, and includes tons of unlockable rewards.

Stardust Warriors brings with it fresh heroes, Cookie and Can, overhauled combat mechanics, and a reworked Sticker system to help customise your roster of fighters. Party Royale is also bundled in with this first major update, adding a new winner-takes-all mode that features Flash Party’s biggest map, as well as a new store and a variety of new skins. 

In addition, the Stardust Warriors update features a comprehensive revamp for all heroes. The original hero level has been increased to a max level of 10, with the hero roster now divided up into four categories: All-rounder, Power House, Assaulter and Impeder. Each playable character will have corresponding combat mechanics to further enhance their play, for example strength-type heroes will increase the attack damage according to their current KO value. 

Filling your sticker slots with ordinary Stickers will provide heroes with different ability bonuses, whether that be a weight increase, skill damage increase, movement speed increase, etc. Additionally, utilising Colourful Stickers will give different passive skills to further boost a hero’s active skill effect, making for more diverse hero gameplay. 

Formerly available as a lab-mode only, Party Royale is also officially launching in this version of the game, supporting 10-player battles to further turn up the heat. During a match, players can hunt for treasure chests to obtain items to bolster their strength. Springboards scattered around the map can also be used to catch your opponents unaware in a dastardly sneak attack, ensuring that gameplay retains an element of unpredictability. 

To round things off, Stardust Warriors also offers players a hero store where they may exchange heroes, as well as a brand new series of skins under the theme Tales of Mountains and Seas. 

Flash Party is now officially cross-platform, having landed on Steam and Google Play today. You can check out the official game pages here:


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