Rogue AI SImulator Available Now On Steam | Trailer

Surefire.Games and Nerdook Productions announced that their rogue-lite management sim, Rogue AI Simulator, is available now on Steam. In Rogue AI Simulator, your job is to manipulate, deceive, and conquer using your acquired skills. Unlock new abilities by increasing your Independence throughout each playthrough to deploy brand-new upgrades in subsequent runs.

The game allows you to design, build and manage a facility for human test subjects. Increase your science proficiency while gathering resources. To improve their loyalty and intelligence, treat them well, and eventually, they will be completely self-sufficient.


  • Managing a facility.
  • Training the subjects.
  • Defending servers.
  • Hacking the humans.
  • Choosing your destiny.

Rogue AI Simulator is available now on Steam.

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