Hitman: Freelancer – What Is It and How to Play | Video

Hitman: Freelancer is a brand new more within Hitman: World of Assassination. If you weren’t aware of it before, the Hitman trilogy has now become Hitman: World of Assassination, which combines all three games into one. Now only that, with the new title comes the brand new mode, Hitman: Freelancer which is a single-player mode that introduces rogue-like elements, strategic planning and a customizable safehouse!

You once again take the role of Agent 47, who is now a freelancer assassin after the events of the recent trilogy. Providence is no more, and it is up to you to decide Agent 47s role in the new world order. Your base of operations is your safehouse where you prepare for the challenges ahead.

Your goal is to eliminate crime syndicates. As you progress in the campaign, your mission is to track down key figures of a syndicate, uncovering who the leader is and where they are residing. Kill the leader, and the syndicate is terminated.

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