Zyber Accessories for the Meta Quest 2 Review – IR Light, Magnetic Battery Pack, and Controller Grips

The Meta Quest 2 is still the defacto headset for VR. The main reason is that it’s still one of the most affordable VR headsets you can buy and that you can use it either as a standalone package or with your PC. Not only that, there’s a lot of support for it on both the software and hardware side of things. We’re mainly looking at hardware today and more specifically, a few accessories from Zyber who were kind enough to send over the 3W U-Shaped IR Light, the 5000mAh Magnetic VR Battery Pack, and the KNIGHT Direct-Charge Controller Grips Cover for the Meta Quest 2.

Zyber 3W U-Shaped IR Light

Zyber 3W U-Shaped IR Light

We’re going to start with the 3W U-Shaped IR Light which you might think is an odd accessory at first, but it actually makes perfect sense once you know what it’s for. What this does basically allow the Meta Quest 2 to see in the dark and track your motions without the need for additional lighting. This lets it track your controllers and even your hands better in dim lighting.

Ths design of the 3W U-Shaped IR Light is pretty genius too with its U-shaped cutout that allows access to the AUX jack. It attaches to your Meta Quest 2 via USB-C port and it also has another passthrough on the rear so you can charge the headset without removing the IR light or you can attach the optional battery pack which we’ll talk more about soon.

The 3W U-Shaped IR Light features two brightness levels, 120° transmission, and can be recharged as well.

5000mAh Magnetic VR Battery Pack

5000mAh Magnetic VR Battery Pack

Next up is the 5000mAh Magnetic VR Battery Pack. This attaches to the band of your Meta Quest 2. What is great about this is that you can use this on virtually any band regardless if it’s the original one or a third-party one. The box includes two bases with different-sized clips and a magnetically attached battery pack.

The attached charging cable plugs right into the USB-C charging port on the Meta Quest 2, or if you[also picked up the IR light, can attach it to that as well. What I like to do is leave the base on and detach the battery until I need it. Then attach the battery magnetically and let it do its job. After which, just detach it again. I do this because it can be easy sometimes to accidentally hit the battery pack with your hand and have it come off. This reduces the chances of that happening.

Lastly, since the battery is a 500mAh unit, you’ll be able to extend normal play for about 2-4 hours on your Meta Quest 2. Overall, it’s a great add-on accessory if you don’t have one of those headbands that have built-in battery packs.

KNIGHT Direct-Charge Controller Grips Cover

KNIGHT Direct-Charge Controller Grips Cover

Last up is the KNIGHT Direct-Charge Controller Grips Cover which if you can tell by the name, is for your controllers. These are silicone sleeves that go over your controllers to provide both grip and protection. However, these aren’t your ordinary grip covers.

These also include rechargeable battery packs that replace the regular batteries in the controllers and the grips add USB-C charging functionality to them. That means no more fiddling with regular AA batteries. The package includes a USB-C cable with split ends so you can charge both controllers at once.

I really like these grips because they not only add protection, grip, and functionality, but they also include knuckly straps so the controllers won’t fall out of your hands if you let go of your grip. These also add a bit of length at the bottom for a slightly more comfortable hold if you have larger hands. Lastly, there are also halo protectors as well, so pretty much the entire controller becomes protected from accidental bumps and drops.


ZyberVR again comes through with some unique and much-needed accessories for the Meta Quest 2. My favorites in this batch have to be the 3W U-Shaped IR Light and the KNIGHT Direct-Charge Controller Grips Cover. Both of these are quite unique and add some much-needed features to the Meta Quest 2. I didn’t realize how useful an IR Light could be for the Meta Quest 2 and obviously being able to protect your controllers and being able to recharge them instead of using disposable batteries is a huge plus. Of course the 5000mAh Magnetic VR Battery Pack is pretty good too, but only if you need one.

Note that all these items can be purchased on Zyber’s official website here. Also, receive 20% off your purchase by using the code TGWK20

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