Huion Inspiroy Giano Pen Tablet Review – A Large Format Pen Tablet for Content Creators

Huion Inspiroy Giano

Pen tablets come in all manner of sizes. Some are small and compact while others can be quite large. While there are advantages to picking up something compact or picking up something really large, there isn’t a right size you can buy as this mostly comes down to personal preference. Small tablets can be carried around more easily while large tablets are great for giving you more space to work and more precision. Today we’ll be taking a look at the Hiuion Inspiroy Giano, a large-format pen tablet targeted towards anyone who is looking for a high-quality pen tablet that offers excellent performance and versatility. This is the industry’s largest pen tablet on the market, but does being the biggest make it the best?

Huion Inspiroy Giano

One of the standout features of this tablet is its large working area, measuring 13.8 x 8.6 inches. This provides plenty of space for you to work on your projects, making it especially ideal for artists and designers who require ample room for sketching and drawing. This feature is particularly useful for those who work on detailed illustrations or designs that require a lot of space. The working area is also large enough to allow you to work on multiple projects at the same time, which can be a real-time-saver. The large format is also a perfect match for those working with large monitors, allowing for more precision.

An advantage of the Huion Inspiroy Giano Pen Tablet is its responsiveness. The tablet comes with a rechargeable pen, the PW517, that offers 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, ±60° tilt support, and 5080 LPI pen resolution, allowing for precise and accurate input. This makes the tablet useful for a wide range of applications, including graphic design, digital art, and photo editing. The pen is also ergonomically designed, making it comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. This is based on Huion’s PenTech 3.0 technology allowing for battery-free operation.

The Huion Inspiroy Giano Pen Tablet also includes a range of shortcut keys. These allow you to quickly access frequently used tools and functions, thus saving time and making your workflow more efficient. The shortcut keys are customizable, so you can set them up to suit your workflow and preferences. Moreover, the tablet comes with an app that allows you to customize the pen pressure and button settings, providing you with even more flexibility and control. This is through the HuionTablet app. Once installed, you’ll be using the HuionTablet app to customize various aspects of the Inspiroy Giano, such as the button, pen button shortcuts, sensitivity, and more. It is very simple to use and will have you up in running in no time.

Because of the layout, you can use the Huion Inspiroy Giano in different orientations. It can be used in landscape or portrait mode and can be flipped in either mode as well. This is another reason why the Huion Inspiroy Giano is so versatile.

Huion Inspiroy Giano

Lastly, the Huion Inspiroy Giano has an interesting little design feature, which is the small Smart LCD Screen at the corner. This lets you check the device status at a glance to see battery life, connection type, and if the pen is connected. I should also mention that the Huion Inspiroy Giano can be used in wired or wireless mode via Bluetooth. I prefer Bluetooth in order to keep my desk space neat and tidy.

In terms of experience, I tested the Huion Inspiroy Giano with one of my favorite PC drawing apps, Krita. It works flawlessly here and the large surface area means I can work with more precision and space. not only that, the shortcut keys were already mapped for it and I can use them for increasing and decreasing brush size as well as using it to zoom in and out of the workspace. While I do enjoy the large format, I can see where some might have issues with it, if they don’t have the desk space. But if you do, you’ll appreciate the larger work area and precision.


Overall, the Huion Inspiroy Giano Pen Tablet is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile, and responsive pen tablet. Whether you are an artist, designer, or simply looking for a reliable input device for your computer, this tablet is definitely worth considering. With its large working area, responsive pen, and customizable shortcut keys, the Huion Inspiroy Giano Pen Tablet is sure to meet the needs of even the most demanding users.


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