Supporting Indie Developers

Here at The Gamer With Kids, we feel that it is necessary to support the independent developers out there because they are the future of the gaming scene. Without them, there really would be no variety out there or new ideas as we would be at the mercy of the huge corporations. Not that games from the well known studios are bad or anything, it’s just that I can’t count the number of times I’ve been surprised by what an indie developer has come out with.

And with that said, I’ve decided to create this page especially for them. Below is a link of some indie developers that we have worked with here on the site. They produce some really great games and apps so please support them by visiting their site. If you’d like to be included on this list, please shoot us an email.

This list is far from complete. We will add more as time goes on.

[UPDATED 08/11/2020]



Asgard Studios

Assyria Studios

Baltoro Games

Big Head Games

Big Pixel Studios

Chainsawesome Games

Dakko Dakko

Devespresso Games

Devolver Digital

Draken Development

Dream Cortex

DR Studios


Full Fat Games

Headcase Games

Headup Games

Hothead Games


Kaida Games

Kyy Games

Minimax Games

Mom, It’s Me

OSome Studios

Owlchemy Labs

Pillow Castle Games



Ripstone Games

Roll 7

Savage Interactive

Savant Games



Toca Boca


XMG Studio

Zabu Studio



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