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Man of Steel Official Trailer #2

Man of Steel Official Trailer #2

I don’t think I need to really say much about Man of Steel, the new Superman movie coming out. It’s going to be awesome, and even if it turns out to be a total turd, I’m still going to go and watch it. [via Youtube]

DC Universe Online Going Free-To-Play

My PlayStation 3 hasn’t seen much gaming lately but I think all that is about to change. Starting October, DC Universe Online is going free-to-play. That means that you’ll be able to download the entire game for free as well as play the game for free without any monthly subscription fees. This is great news … Continue reading

DC Universe Online Launch Trailer

Here’s one more bit of DC Universe Online media for you, the official launch trailer for the game which features part of the cinematic trailer we’ve already seen before as well as tons of in-game footage. So who’s picking up this game? [via Youtube]