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iOS Tip: iPhone Location Services Icon

Here is something I noticed this weekend after purchasing my iPhone 4. All weekend, I’ve been noticing a little triangle arrow icon that appears on the top right of my status bar next to the battery icon. Now for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it was or why it was there. … Continue reading

PacMan Gobbles Up Some Space On Your iPhone

Someone created this PacMan inspired wallpaper for iOS4 devices. As you can see, the spaces inbetween each icon make for sweet chomping action. It’s not a perfect PacMan wallpaper as there could be some improvements but its still well done nonetheless. Grab the larger size after the jump.

First Impressions: Apple’s iPhone 4

Yesterday evening, my brother received his iPhone 4 pre-order a day ahead of launch. Me on the other hand will not be getting an iPhone 4 until late this year due to the fact that I’m still on contract and don’t feel like paying more for an iPhone than I need too.Well, this morning I … Continue reading